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SAPNE meets quarterly in Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall.  The Spring meeting is hosted as the Annual Meeting together with India Poetry Reading held every year at Harvard University since 1997. Besides the Spring meeting, the other meetings are held in private homes or in Public  Libraries. SAPNE is grateful to Lexington Public Library, Burlington Public Library, Cambridge Public Library and the Museum of National Heritage for having lent space for the meeting.


SAPNE organization and the meetings are organized by the volunteers.  Chandu Shah, C. Gopinath, Alok De, Krishna Gazula, Chandrika Govardhan and Sanjeev Tripathi have provided much neded help.  Meeting reports have been produced by R. Balachandra, Sajed Kamal, Pramod Thaker, Jayent Dave, Sunayana Kachroo, Maneesh Srivastava, Janmejay "Jjay" Shishupal and Amandeep Singh.  Chandu Shha and Janmejay Shishupal are credited for the meeting photographs.  Since the summer of 2015, the meetings are sponsored by India Discovery Center, Inc., the Boston-area non-profit group engaged in creating an educational and cultural platform for the future generations of immigrant children. 


Quarterly Meetings


India Poetry Reading


























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