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Pramod Thaker


  • Pen-name: Kṛiṣṇāditya

  • Languages: Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit, and English.

  • Profession: Physician.

   • Translation from Gujarati into English:

              1. Akhā’s Sestets. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2009. (a seventeenth century                                   spiritual poet Akhā’s all of the sestets.)

               2. Okhāharaṇ. (A seventeenth century narrative poem by Premānand; to  be                                                   published

   • Translations of works from English into Gujarati, published in various literary journals:

               1.  Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Selected essays.

               2.  Frost, Robert. Selected poems.

               3.  King, Martin Luther, Jr. I have a dream.

               4.  Lincoln, Abraham. Selected essays.

               5.  Pirandello, Luigi. Six Characters in search of an Author.

               6.  Pound, Ezra. Selected prose.

               7.  Randall, Dudley. A Poet Is Not A Jukebox.

               8.  Ruskin, John. Selected prose.

               9.  Thoreau, Henry David. Life without principle.

             10.  Twain, Mark. Selected prose.

   • Gujarati original works:

                1.  Railway saloonmāṁ lakhāȳelo report. (A play in three acts). Ahmedabad:   

                      Rangdvar Prakashn,1995..

                2.  Yātrāparva. (A collection of poems). Ahmedabad: Rangdvar Prakashan, 2003.

                3.  Makhamalnī mojadī. (A play in one act; to be published.)

                4.  Atal samudrane ā kāṁṭhethī. (Essays previously published in various journals                       in India, USA, and UK; to be published.)





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